How To Style Korean Minimal Fashion

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How to be a minimalist style man? Why is this look? It is not difficult for the boys to dress up in minimal style. Mix and match clothes to look simple, simple, but cool and chic in their own way.

Make you young people change from normal look Become a charming young man, warm, gentle when the girls see and their hearts melt. You have to try out!
How to create a minimalist style Dress for a simple winter wind! For those men who not like to dress very much or can not dress up

2018's Mood™: Japanese-centric styling ft. workwear, baggy/loose clothing, and cropped trousers - Album on Imgur

Don’t worry. This look, let me tell you that Suitable for young people who are very chill because you don’t need to dress too much, it looks good and has a hipster in itself. It seems like being born is cool like this. Most importantly, it is a look that is suitable for Dressing up in the cold season, how can you miss it, right ?!

Come on, any young man who wants to try updating the Minimal Style in an easy way to meet the cold wind this year.


The most popular item that every man has to have attached to the wardrobe is a jacket. To be at ease, yes a horse. Whether it is a cool denim jacket A chill shade jacket or extra thick jacket for cold weather, you can mix and match. To get a minimalist style For this winter The advantage of a jacket is that you can wear it with anything. When you wear it, it doesn’t look a lot, you can wear it over your old look and feel comfortable.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeves are a favorite item for a truly chic guy! Suitable for days when feeling lazy, get dressed, but secretly want a little Keep Look or need to go out in a hurry. No time to mix anything. Wearing a long sleeve shirt Choosing a match with a good pair of pants is over. Handsome, very cool, mom! The shirt to choose to wear should be a solid color shirt. Or can secretly have a little pattern Most importantly, the color tone should be earthy. It is dark, comfortable on the eyes, not gaudy, making it look like a minimalist man with a simple, gentle look.

Light Sweather

Friends who want to dress up in winter to come out and not look a lot But get a cool finish, a little bit of style, I recommend it as a sweater, but if you guys want to wear it in our house where the cold weather is fit and chill like this, it is recommended to choose a shirt. Sweater Or a silk shirt with a light fabric that can pass through it is best Because not only does it look a lot, it also makes it easy to get a Winter Look! It is an item that is most worth wearing during the winter. Come and match with long pants. Match with your favorite sneakers Carrying a simple bag, just this looks minimalistic, warm and cute until the girls’ heart melted.

Simple Long Pants

Let’s move on to the bottom for a winter dress item to get a very simple minimal look, you must know how to wear long pants as well. I recommend the boys to choose trousers that are comfortable in the fabric. Straight or cylindrical That does not constrain the legs too much, looks fluttering, and has a young Muji look go again. Put the legs folded enough. Match with your favorite sneakers Or slip-on shoes.


Sneakerhead, do not miss it! Want to dress up in a cool and cool winter, you can’t miss a pair of sneakers. The shoes will enhance your energy, young men look like a man, strong, active, with a light street style, ladies must have stopped looking at each other but want a minimalist winter look. We don’t recommend sneakers that are too flashy. Because it can make the theme group, right? Should be chosen as a simple solid color that emphasizes more striking tones such as white, black, or dark earth tones.


Beanie Hat

Finish off with a cool design beanie hat that has been attached to the wardrobe, however, you will survive! The hat doesn’t necessarily have to be worn in the winter only. But she is also an item that can be worn anywhere, anytime, any season. Guarantee that you young people have it, it is worth it. No matter how simple men are Or how normal When I took the hat and put it on, I looked cool and turned into a charming young man in the blink of an eye.


You see, young men, each item that we bring to the guide today is something that is not difficult to find It’s also easy to mix and match, right? Most importantly, it can be customized in almost every situation. Especially this winter It is the best thing for a minimal firework! Secretly suggesting a little more about inviting your girlfriend to marry them!

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